Cosy & Intimist 

Warm, family atmosphere, Barra Mansa Pantanal Hotel has a special way to welcome visitors.

Pantanal Hotel

Our rooms are simple and comfortable, featuring the typical Pantanal hosting. The exuberance of the decoration is due to the beautiful landscapes that brighten the rooms through the window.

Even with a full house it is still possible to have intimate encounter with nature because our maximum capacity at Barra Mansa Hotel is 17 people.

Our accomodations range from double sized to quadruple sized. We also offer a private house equipped with a fridge and living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom, ideal for families or friends traveling together.

All apartments are screened, have hot shower, air conditioning and fan. In the structure of the hotel, you can still count on:

  • Outdoor hammocks area

  • Restaurant

  • Laundry service

  • Bar

  • Satellite TV

  • Telephone service

  • Wi-Fi

  • Shop with local crafts

  • Fishing equipment rental

  • Library

  • Orchard

  • Private landing strip

Our Cousine

Gastronomy is one of the highlights at Barra Mansa Hotel, serving authentic Pantanal dishes cooked by a wooden stove, using local natural ingredients.

Roasted free ranged local wild pigs, caribéu made with corned beef and barbequed pacu fish are examples of the cuisine served at Barra Mansa Pantanal Hotel.

Vegetarians and natural kitchen fans can also find delicious dishes prepared with nutritional care.

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